East of Cleveland

(Late Spring, 2011)
Some new recordings, one just today (May 29 - "Sunday").

(Fall, 2010)
Just spent the night rehearsing with the band, which always puts me in a creative mood when I get home. Here's the result.

(Spring, 2010)
Another recording, this one a tune from a movie my daughter likes - "Barbie as The Island Princess".

(Early summer, 2009)
I finally got around to getting some of that 3M sticky/gummy stuff to make it easy to attach the piezo pickup to both the double bass and the acoustic guitar. Here's the result (on the guitar; the bass in the recording in the Peavey).

(Spring, 2009)
I bought another (used) bass guitar. Hear how it sounds.

(Fall, 2008)
Some music - between the new guitar and playing more music overall, I've come up with a few arrangements, covers, and originals:

Some newly-recorded, old music played on my new guitar.

A Stevie Wonder cover (of sorts; I took liberty with the melody, and I don't have the chorus or key change).

Why the name "Three and a Half"? Becuase this one (original, btw) started out with three chords.

This blue-grassy tune needs words, maybe fiddle and/or mandolin, and is (currently) called Grey Day Bluegrass. (Maybe I ought to just call it 'Grey Day Blue'; that has a better ring.)

(Spring, 2008)
I got a widget!
(two, actually)

(Winter, 2006)
Check out the wiki I recently added to the site.

(Spring, 2005)
I won an honorable mention in the Friends of Euclid Creek 2004 photo contest. The winning photos will be on display at the South Euclid branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library April 23 through May 21.