East of Cleveland

I wasn't born and raised in Cleveland. I've only lived here a short time, and probably won't retire here. But I enjoy being here, I enjoy driving down the road and seeing a splash of color or an interesting scene here and there.

Many of those unique views diverted my attention enough to cause me to stop and take a closer look. Why did I stop? I want to remember these things I see around me and take for granted every day while I'm here. I want to show these sights to other people and say, "Here, look at this. Isn't it beautiful?"

Photography is a way of saying that. It's not the only way, but it's the most effective way I've got, given that I can't fly you all here so you can see for yourself. You get my take on the sights that impressed me, the interesting and beautiful little nooks and crannies near the city.

Daniel J. Parks